Many of the sources I have used in my research are free, available online, and do not require an institution affiliation.

Primary SourcesPeriodicals

The American Baptist Magazine underwent several name changes. It was initially known as the Massachusetts Baptist Missionary Magazine and later known as the Baptist Missionary Magazine.

  • American Baptist Magzaine (later Baptist Missionary Magazine), 1817-1909: Hathitrust
  • American Baptist Magazine (later Baptist Missionary Magazine), 1817-1909:
  • Massachusetts Baptist Missionary Magazine (later the American Baptist Magazine), 1803-1816:

The Baptist Magzine was a London-based magazine published between 1809 and 1904.

The Baptist Memorial and Monthly Chronicle was a short-lived New York-based magazine.

  • Baptist Memorial and Monthly Chronicle, 1842-1844: Hathitrust

The Baptist Missionary Magazine of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick was published between 1826 and 1836, but only the year 1836 is available online.

  • Baptist Missionary Magazine of Nova-Scotia and New Brunswick, 1836: Hathitrust

The Canada Baptist Magazine and Missionary Register was a short-lived Baptist Magazine based in Montreal.

  • The Canada Baptist Magazine and Missionary Register, 1837-1841: Canadiana

The Connecticut Evangelical Magazine was an early Connecticut Congregational missionary magazine.

  • The Connecticut Evangelical Magazine, 1800-1815: Hathitrust

The Evangelical Magazine was an early London-based Baptist missionary magazine.

The Massachusetts Missionary Magazine was the magazine of the of the Massachusetts Congregationalists. The magazine was published between 1803 and 1807. Only a few volumes are online.

  • The Massachusetts Missionary Magazine, Volume 2, 1804: Google Books
  • The Massachusetts Missionary Magazine, Volume 3, 1805: Google Books
  • The Massachusetts MIssionary Magazine, Volume 5, 1807: Google Books

New Baptist Miscellany was a British Baptist publication whose profits went to retired ministers and the widows of ministers. It was published between 1828 and 1832.

  • New Baptist Miscellany, Volumes III-IV, 1829-1830: Google Books

The New England Magazine was a secular magazine that would print some religious articles.

The New-York missionary magazine, and repository of religious intelligence was an early New York Congregational missionary magazine.

  • The New-York missionary magazine, and repository of religious intelligence, 1800-1803: Hathitrust

Trumpet and Universalist Magazine was a Universalist magazine that was frequently critical of other Christian denominations. It was published between 1819 and 1828 but only later numbers are available for free.

  • Trumpet and Universalist Magazine, Volume 9, 1827-1828: Hathitrust

Western Missionary Magazine and Repository of Religious Intelligence was a short-lived Pennsylvania-based magazine.

Primary Sources- Annual Reports

The American Baptist Foreign Mission Society was formed in 1814 and was originally known as the American Baptist Board of Foreign Missions. It initially supported the Rice’s and Judson’s as missionaries in Burmah and continued to expand their operations. Many of their reports are online.

  • Proceedings of the Baptist Convention for Missionary Purposes: Held in Philadelphia, in May, 1814: Google Books

The American Bible Society was formed in 1816 for the purpose of distributing Bibles. It still exists today.

  • American Foreign and Bible Society, Annual Reports, Volumes 1-5, 1816-1821: Google Books
  • American Foreign and Bible Society, Annual Reports, Volume 6-10, 1822-1826: Google Books
  • American Foreign and Bible Society, Annual Reports, Volumes 11-15, 1827-1831: Google Books
  • American Foreign and Bible Society, Annual Reports, Volumes 16-20, 1832-1836: Google Books
  • American Foreign and Bible Society, Annual Reports, Volumes 21-25, 1837-1841: Google Books

The American Sunday School Union was formed in 1824 in Philadelphia. Its purpose was to promote Sunday schools and children’s literacy. It still exists today. Most of its reports can be found online.

  • American Sunday School Union, Annual Reports, 1825-1916: Hathitrust

The American Tract Society was formed in 1825 in New York City. Its purpose was to publish and distribute religous pamphlets. Most of its reports can be found online.

  • American Tract Society, Annual Reports, 1826-1920: Hathitrust

The British and Foreign Bible Society was formed in 1804 for the purpose of distributing Bibles. It is known today as the “Bible Society.”

  • British and Foreign Bible Society, Reports of the British and Foreign Bible Society With Extracts of Correspondence Etc.; Reprinted from the Original Reports, 1814-1915: Hathitrust

The Nova Scotia Baptist Education Society was formed to raise money for Horton Academy, now known as Acadia University. Some of their early reports are available online.

  • Nova Scotia Baptist Education Society, Reports of the Nova-Scotia Baptist Education Society, 1832-1838: Canadiana

Secondary Sources- Histories Published in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries

  • A Brief History of the American Tract Society, Instituted at Boston, 1814, And its Relations to the American Tract Society at New York, Instituted 1825 (Boston, Press of T.R. Marvin, 1857): Michigan State University Digital Source Center
  • Armitage, Thomas, A History of the Baptists: Traced by the Vital Principles and Practices, From the Time of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to the Year 1866, Volume II (New York: Bryan, Taylor, & Co., 1890), Reprint, Paris, Arkansas, The Baptist Standard Bearer, Inc.: Google Books
  • Benedict, David, A General History of the Baptist Denomination in America and other Parts of the World (Boston, Massachusetts: Lincoln and Edmands, 1813): Google Books
  • Benedict, David, Fifty Years Among the Baptists, (Boston, Massachusetts: Lincoln & Edmands, 1813): Google Books
  • Burrage, Henry S., A History of the Baptists in Maine (Portland, Maine: Marks Printing House, Printers, 1904): Google Books
  • Burrage, Henry S., A History of the Baptists in New England (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: American Baptist Publication Society, 1894):
  • Cathcart, William, The Baptist encyclopaedia: A dictionary … of the general history of the Baptist denomination in all lands; with numerous biographical sketches of distinguished American and foreign Baptists, and a supplement (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Louis H. Everts, 1881): Google Books
  • Clayton, W. Woodford, History of York County, Maine With Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of Its Prominent Men and Pioneers (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Everts & Peck, 1880): Google Books
  • Cleaveland, Nehemiah, and Alpheus Spring Packard, History of Bowdoin College. With Biographical Sketches of its Graduates, from 1806 to 1879, Inclusive (Boston, Massachusetts: James Ripley Osgood & Company, 1882):
  • Cox, Francis Augustus and J. Hoby, The Baptists in America; A Narrative of the Deputation from the Baptist Union in England to the United States and Canada (London: T. Ward & Co., 1836): Google Books
  • Cox, Francis Augustus, History of the Baptist Missionary Society, from 1792 to 1842 to Which is Added a Sketch of the General Baptist Mission, Volume II (London, T. Ward & Co. and G. and J. Dyer, 1842):
  • Crocker, Henry, History of the Baptists in Vermont (Bellows Falls, Vermont: P.H. Gobie Press, 1913): Google Books
  • Eaton, W.H., Historical sketch of the Massachusetts Baptist Missionary Society and Convention, 1802-1902, with an appendix and other related matters, by Rev. W.H. Eaton (Boston, Massachusetts: Massachusetts Baptist Convention, 1903):
  • Fassett Jr., Frederick Gardiner, “A History of Newspapers in the District of Maine, 1785-1820” (Orono, Maine: University of Maine Press, 1932): University of Maine Digital Commons
  • Fitch, E.R., The Baptists of Canada: A history of their Progress and Achievements (Toronto: Standard Publishing Co., 1911):
  • Gammell, William, A History of American Baptist Missions in Asia, Africa, Europe and North America Under the Care of the American Baptist Missionary Union (Boston, Massachusetts: Gould and Lincoln, 1853): Google Books 
  • Griffin, Joseph, History of the Press of Maine (Brunswick, Maine, From the Press of Joseph Griffin, 1872): Digital Maine Depository
  • Knowles, James D., Memoir of Ann H. Judson, Missionary to Burmah (Boston, Massachusetts: Gould, Kendall, and Lincoln, 1846): Google Books
  • Millet, Joshua, A History of the Baptists in Maine; Together with brief notices of societies and institutions, and a dictionary of the labors of each minister (Portland, Maine: Charles Day & Co., 1845): Google Books
  • North, S.N.D., History and Present Condition of the Newspaper and Periodical Press of the United States, With a Catalogue of the Publications of the Census Year (Wasington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1884): Google Books
  • Newman, A.H., ed. A Century in Baptist Achievement (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: American Baptist Publication Society, 1901): Google Books
  • Rice, Edwin, Wilbur, The Sunday-School Movement, 1780-1917, and the American Sunday-School Union, 1817-1917 (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: American Sunday School Union, 1917):
  • Saunders, Edward Manning, History of the Baptists of the Maritime Province (Halifax, Nova Scotia: Press of John Burgoyne, 1902): Google Books
  • Vail, Albert Lennox, Mary Webb and the Mother Society, (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: American Baptist Publication Society, 1914): Google Books
  • Vedder, Henry Clay, A Short History of the Baptists, New and Illustrated Edition (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: American Baptist Publication Society, 1907): Google Books
  • Webster, Thomas, History of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Canada (Hamilton, Ontario: Canada Christian Advocate Office, 1870):
  • Wheeler, George Augustus History of Brunswick, Topsham, and Harpswell, Maine Including the Ancient Territory Known as Pejepscot (Boston, Massachusetts: A. Mudge & Sons, Printers, 1878): Google Books

Seconday Sources- Thesis and Dissertations

  • Baines, Ronald, “Separating God’s Two Kingdoms: Regular Baptists in Maine, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick, 1780 to 1815,” Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Maine, 2020: University of Maine Digital Commons

Secondary Sources- Articles

  • Bell,  D.G., “Religious Liberty and Protestant Dissent in Loyalist New Brunswick”, University of New Brunswick Law Journal, Volume 36 (Midland, Ontario: Carswell Company, Limited, 1987): University of New Brunswick
  • Fingard, Judith, “‘Grapes in the Wilderness’: the Bible Society in British North American in the Early Nineteenth Century” in Histoire Sociale/Social History, Volume 5, Number 9 (April 1972), pp. 5-31: York University
  • Parker, George L., “Joseph Howe as Publisher” in Dalhousie Review, Volume 53, Issue 3 (1973), pp. 460-478: Dalhousie University
  • Reid, Robert T., “Profiles in Evangelism: A Comparative Study of Henry Alline, Joseph Dimock and Isaiah Wallace,” in Papers of the Canadian Society of Church History, 1981 (June 1981): York University
  • Rogal, Samuel J.,  “Religious Periodicals in England During the Restoration and Eighteenth Century” in The Journal of the Rutgers University Libraries, Volume 35, Number 1 (Rutgers, New Jersey: Rutgers University Press, 1971), pp. 27-33: Rutgers University
  • Taylor, Rosemary, “English Baptist Periodicals, 1790- 1865” in Baptist Quarterly, Volume 27, Number 2 (April 1977), pp. 50-82:

Helpful Websites

  • The Dictionary of Canadian Biography is incredibly useful for looking up individuals. The authors of each entry are historians and other professionals: Dictionary of Canadian Biography
  • The Digital Maine Repository is “committed to providing access to Maine history, ensuring transparency in government, and sharing the stories of the people and places of the Pine Tree State.” There are a ton of free resources: Digital Maine Repository
  • The Library of Congress does not have a lot of early periodicals available online, but it can be useful for confirming publishing locations and dates: Library of Congress
  • The Maine Memory Network primarily has photographs, but there are some photos of documents: Maine Memory Network